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Related article: Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 20:54:30 GMT From: "" Subject: after the class reunion It was august of 1996 i was returning home from my 25th class reunion at new castle indiana. let me introduce myself my name is michael. i live in richmond indiana. i graduated from new castle high school june 9th 1971. that weekend in august 1996 my class was celebrating our 25th reunion. i am bi sexual but love the dick better then pussy. june the 2nd of 1996 i just got engaged to my soon to be wife. a side note as i write this it is may 2nd 2009 and june 28th i will be married to my wife for 12 years. i have c heated on her wih numberous boys and men. okay back to the story. i was on my way home from newcastle after the reunion. as i got to richmond i was thinking i could really use a dick. now there are several way to get to my house in richmond. as i drove up bakery hill i heard a voice in my head say go pass south 10th street park( i could have have went straight on south 8th street and got home faster as it was late . that august night it was hot and about 12:00 midnight as i got on south 10th street across from the park at a red brick house sitting on the steps of the house sit a cute blonde haired boy. i stop my red convertiable the boy came to see what i wanted. i said just seeing what you are up. he answered by saying just waiting on a friend( little did he know he found a friend). we talked a little bit i told him my name was mike and he said his name was carl. he had individual pizzia. after talking for 10 minutes carl said mike will you take me to Bbs Lolitas south 20th street? i sure get in. carl was a cute blonde haired boy. as i was driving toward south 20th from south 10 th i said carl you like blowjobs? carl said not really. after a moment of silence i said i am not going to hurt you or anything like that. i will just suck your dick. carl was playing with his cock and said i could use one. as my car topped south 20th street carl said my friend is asleep. i never knew what house carl,s friend lived in or if carl got horney thinking about thr bj and just said his friend was asleep. on my wayto my house carl said he was from phoenix arizona said he was going back the next week. don,t know if he was from phoenix or not. really didn,t care just wanted some dick. and carl was young and hott. got to my house and parked my converitable in the driveway. as we sit in my car carl said can i leave my pizza in your car?i said yea. we went into my house and walked trough my kitchen on our way to my bedroom, carl said you have a nice house. we entered my bedroom and a carl sit on my bed watching me undress from the clothes i wore to the class reunion in new castle, i said you care if i take all my clothes off? carl said hey it,s your house carl stood up watching my nude body as i walked towards him i said you going to take your clothes off or do you want me to undress you? carl said you can take them off. i stood naked in front of carl and unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them and pulled his jeans down. i kissed his cock through his boxers. i said want to do it in the dark and i reached up and flipped the light switch off. i had my blinds opened and i turned saying i will close these for privacy. and turned backed to carl and with what little street light shining in my room i could see carl had a monster hardon. i said boy you have a cock on you!! carl said thank you. i said how old are you? and carl said 16 i was 43 yrs old at that time. i notice carl had no pubic hair. with his jeans and boxerspulled down aroundhis ankles i laid carl to my bed and laid him down. i got down on my nees and licked and kissed his balls and carl said ihave never had a guy give me a blow job. i said this is your first time doing this and he said yes. i licked up his shaft and kissed the head of his monster cock and slided my mouth over his cock and starte sucking. after sucking for awhile carl wanted to fuck me. he said do you let people fuck you in the ass?and i said yes. i got some vaseline and carl said i coudld put it on his cock and i did and i smeared some in my butthole carl with his jeans and boxers down around his ankles fucked me for a while untili said that hurts how about amajor blow job? so before i sucked him i pulled the rest of his clothes off him and had him totally naked. i laid him naked on my bed and once again started sucking him and licking his balls i told him to roll over i want to stick m tongue into his butthole and he rolled over and i licked his butthole for awhile. after i tired of licking his hole he rolled over onto his back so i could suck him. efore sucking him i said how about your pizza in my car? he what about it? i said lets go get it and he said now? and i said yes an we went outside into my yard totally naked at 1:00 a.m in the morning in richmond indiana brought his pizza into the house and went back to having sex in my bedroom. after eating his ass out 3 times and sucking and licking and kissing him for 45 minutes once i Bbs Lolitas sucked him for 20 minutes non stop. i crawled onto my bed and laid naked beside carl. before i had time to kiss his lips carl had crawled on top of meand started sucking me and would jack me we were 69 ing during this time i would suck and i would lick his asshole carl would suck me and jack me. he finally jacked me off and rubbed my cum into my legs i jacked him off and we got up cleaned up and as carl stood naked in front of me he said thank you. i said did you have a good time? you enjoy your self? and carl said yes. we dressed and i took carl back to south 10th street that was in august of 1996 and it is now may 3rd 2009 i have not seen carl since that hot fun night. this story is totally true and i still like young cock and even older cock and m2m sex althiought i am now 56 yrs old. you can hit me up at
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